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York city is located in the north of England. Its a city of extraordinary cultural and historical wealth. The 13th-century walls act like a medieval spider’s web of narrow streets.

York Minster Cathedral is awe inspiring . One of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in the world. York has a long rich historical heritage, woven into virtually every brick and beam. A modern city that has many museums, restaurants, cafes and traditional pubs. The city maintains a balance between old and new and true to its ancient heritage.

The Merchant Adventurers Hall

The Merchant Adventurers Hall is a fully functioning museum. Its also a wedding and hospitality venue and a meeting place for over 650 years. There are three main rooms in the Hall, firstly the Great Hall. Medieval merchants first gathered there to conduct business and socialise. The Undercroft which was used as an alms house, to help the sick and the poor. Lastly the Chapel offering spiritual care.

The Hall is home to many remarkable collections of silver, furniture and paintings. They provide a glimpse into the rich history of the Hall and the people associated with it. The Hall is open every day during the summer months and is accessible from the Fossgate entrance.

The City Walls 

The City Walls follow the line of the original Roman walls, give a new perspective on the city. Allow two hours to walk the full circuit of the walls. Pushed for time, try the stretch from Bootham Bar to Monk Bar for the views of York Minster.

At either end of the walls is the Museum Gardens or at Bootham Bar. A multimedia exhibit provides some historical context. Highlights include Monk Bar, which is the best preserved medieval gate. Walmgate Bar is England’s only city gate with an intact barbican.