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Vienna is Austria’s capital city and is awash with history. It has exciting contemporary museums, lively eating places and great nightlife to explore. Vienna is one the most musical cities in the world. Composers such as Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Beethoven, Johann Strauss lived there. Liszt, Brahms, Bruckner can be heard in venues like the Staatsoper and Musikverein.

The music of Bach and Händel, continues to be performed in Vienna’s historic churches to this day. Venues for classical music co exist with great clubs, live rock and jazz venues.

Few cities can boast the imperial grandeur of Vienna, from the outrageously opulent palaces such as the Schloss Belvedere, Schloss Schönbrunn, or the Hofburg.  There is grandeur almost everywhere you look.

There are cosy coffee houses, called Beisln or (bistro pubs) that serve delicious brews, wines and traditional food. There are talented chefs that take the capital in new culinary directions. An efficient transport system will ferry you across town from a restaurant to a post dinner drink in no time at all. It’s safe, has lots of bicycle tracks, a myriad of museums and it even has its own droll sense of humour.